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Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd. wins Frost & Sullivan's "Unified communications application vendor of the year" award

he Telegraph, September 6, 2017.

Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., the worldwide IT leader in software, solutions, and services was named ‘ Unified Communications Application Vendor of the Year’ at the 2017 Frost & Sullivan India Digital Transformation Awards held in Mumbai. Currently in its 15th year, the 2017 Frost & Sullivan India Digital Transformation Awards witnessed the participation of leading personalities and companies from the Information and Communication Technology sector. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Alok B. Lall, Director, Office Business Group, Microsoft India said, “In line with our focus of empowering organizations with digital transformation, security and innovation, we are delighted to receive this award that will inspire us to keep strengthening our efforts in this direction. Our belief is that ‘At the heart of great teams is great communication’. Teams that communicate often and openly are more efficient, respond faster and plan better, ultimately leading to business efficiency and productivity. As companies go through digital transformation, we are delivering innovation in our ‘Skype for Business Online’, a cloud platform that unlocks creativity by empowering people to express their ideas more effectively. With our vision to help individuals and businesses realize their full potential, our promise is that with new capabilities, customers can significantly simplify their infrastructure with one platform, be it for calling, conferencing, video, or sharing.”

Microsoft’s WISE Programme goes global

The Economic Times, September 5, 2017.

Artificial intelligence is the flavour for Microsoft’s campus programme for Indian women engineers this year. Encouraged by the success of the programme, Women in Software Engineering (WISE), started in India in 2014, the American software company is now planning to take this programme global. “Considering the impact of outcomes of the programme in India, our mentor team is looking forward to take this programme beyond India, starting with a pilot in Africa,” said Charumathy Srinivasan, Partner Group Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft India Development Center. Srinivasan is the lead mentor of the WISE programme. “We believe that the need to empower young women with technology is global,” she added.

Microsoft brings power of analytics to SMS

The Hindu, September 5, 2017.

Microsoft has turned its attention to this forgotten platform by bringing in the power of analytics to it. Skype Lite application for Android has a new section - Insights, which digs into SMSes, summarizes the information contained in them, under sections like finance, shopping, travel, reminders, promotions etc. For example, the Finance category shows the current balance across all bank accounts and wallets, based on the most recent SMSes. Similarly, the Shopping category shows the date and status of the orders, and lets users track packages. The Promotions section pulls out the biggest discounts and the best deals. It also offers links that enable users to pay bills, check in to flights or call customer support numbers.

Students find solutions to everyday problems

The Times of India, September 1, 2017.

From solutions to traffic woes to providing real-time data on potholes, a group of 37 interns from PES University showcased their digital innovations at a road show. Hosted by Microsoft Innovation Lab, a research lab for students of the institution, the road show showcased several robotics projects, including a robot capable of mapping unknown terrain with possible applications in military operations and mining, a self-configuring modular robot and a prosthetic arm using myoelectric impulses to help amputees.

New technique to control offensive suggestions on web

The Hindu, August 26, 2017.

A joint research by scientists at the Microsoft and the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, promises to control inappropriate suggestions by search engines making web browsing safe for everyone, particularly children and women. The technology is being used in Microsoft's search engine Bing and will be launched soon as Application Programming Interface in Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Microsoft has found an inexpensive way to save lives in India

CNBC, August 11, 2017.

From hacking agriculture to developing inexpensive tools for tuberculosis patients, Microsoft researchers in India are trying to solve myriad social problems in the subcontinent. India is a research and development hot-bed for large tech companies like Microsoft for several reasons: It has an increasingly middle-class young population and it has significant challenges present in society that can be solved using advanced technology. "One of the things that we're trying to do in an organization like Microsoft Research is to predict and invent the future," Sriram Rajamani, Managing Director of Microsoft Research India, told CNBC. Rajamani oversees a team of about 55 full-time staff, 30 research fellows who are usually fresh graduates and approximately 100 interns throughout the year.

The new workplace mojo

CIO&Leader, July 1, 2017.

Workspace is no longer seen just as a physical environment, as the disruptive impact of digital transformation is spreading across several organizations and industries, according to a latest IDC study. The detailed IDC study outlined current enterprise trends along with appropriate use cases to support informed decision making about market offerings. It also assessed a real-world solution - Dimension Data’s Workspaces for Tomorrow on Microsoft Office 365, which aims to address enterprise needs for a reliable, mobile, flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution. The report notes that Dimension Data is uniquely poised to enable solutions around this with its End-user Computing Development Model (EUCDM), which allows organizations to identify not only the current state, but also define the future road map and requirements. A critical part of the picture is the global partnership between Dimension Data and Microsoft; which aims to drive value for organizations. As a key alliance partner to Microsoft, Dimension Data brings enhanced access to early adopter programs, technical support, and Microsoft’s future direction.

Microsoft shows how Artificial Intelligence can be used to prevent blindness

Currently, close to 285 million people are visually impaired, of which 55 million reside in India. The causes for visual impairment can be many, but some of them are preventable. Detecting eye disorders is a specialized skill and ophthalmologists often have to look at the damage caused to the blood vessels in the eye, and screen other parameters such as fluid leakage or haemorrhages. Can technology help? Microsoft certainly believes it can make a difference, and is experimenting with using Artificial Intelligence technology to identify eye disorders and diseases such as diabetic retinopathy at an early stage.

DevOps is paving the future for the biggest organizations

Dataquest, April 24, 2017.

Industries today stand on the verge of transformation as events across the arena have forced reductions in budget allocation and resources. Organizations face greater struggles to maintain consistent value production despite these restrictions as mandated by the industry. DevOps comes in at this point to unite people, processes, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users. The focus is solely on achieving continuous delivery to donate value to customers.

Chatbots are smarter, more communicative and can improve customer service

Tech2 – Firstpost, April 10, 2017.

Effective communication today has become a core necessity in the business-customer interaction space. With engagement as a prime focus area, technology provides multiple means of interacting with customers including chatbots. They are able to effectively utilize the classic 80-20 rule in the industry, to cut down response times and enable resources to be focused elsewhere. In addition to this, they also replace FAQ sections by incorporating them into their information database and thus becoming the singular destination for all doubts. This allows businesses to connect with their audience on platforms they prefer the most; ensuring a seamless interaction.

Microsoft Connected Eyes among finalists for Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards

PRNewswire, March 20, 2017.

Microsoft projects are among the top 192 finalists at the Fast Company’s first-ever World Changing Ideas Awards. Leaving behind more than 1000 entries across categories, Connected Eyes, from Microsoft India and L.V. Prasad Eye Institute is a finalist in the health category, while other projects include Project Natick, an underwater data center; DuoSkin, a consumer product finalist, from Microsoft Research and the MIT Media Lab; and Inclusive Design, another finalist in the World Changing Idea category.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming and Deeply Impacting Our Lives

Indiatimes, Dec 30, 2016.

We live in an exciting time, where technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, in ways that were earlier unimaginable. As a generation, we need to focus our attention on technology which will help us democratize access to this intelligence. Because simply put, this is the future!

Microsoft Helping Millions Get Eyecare with MINE

Indiatimes, Dec 21, 2016.

Microsoft India, in collaboration with L V Prasad Eye Institute, has launched Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE), a global consortium of like-minded commercial, research and academic institutions that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help eliminate avoidable blindness and ramp up worldwide delivery of eyecare services.

Local language, NLP, Bots and More: Emerging Trends in Search

Tech2 – Firstpost, Nov 28, 2016.

Did you know that 3.9 Terra Bytes (39457 GB) of data is downloaded every second on the Internet? Search has evolved from the time when PCs of the bygone era literally groaned while churning out the results, to data centers of machines with multi core processors, GPUs and FPGAs running sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms like Deep Neural Networks. Over the last couple of years, search has undergone a transformation primarily driven by users increasingly adopting mobile devices, resulting in the advent of Bots and Digital Assistants.

Digital Transformation in India

Yourstory, Oct 17, 2016.

Over the years, the impact of technology has been profound, not just in terms of making our lives easier, but also in terms of our approach to the way we carry out tasks, solve problems and resolve issues. Today, cloud computing is making it possible to drive intelligence and insights from the immense magnitude of data available, converting it into predictive and analytical power. This power puts data and cloud computing at the center of the analysis and action that governments are taking to address different issues and driving India’s digital transformation.

The future of agriculture technology

ET Tech Online, Sept 19, 2016.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges farmers are struggling with. Perpetual droughts, floods, and other extreme weather conditions are impacting their survival like never before. The Sowing Application and Personalized Village Advisory Dashboard developed by Microsoft in association with ICRISAT provides powerful cloud-based predictive analytics to empower farmers with crucial information and insights to help reduce crop failures and to increase yield.

How Machine Learning Can Give Emotions to Driverless Cars

Express Computer, July 28, 2016.

The ability to read emotions on people’s faces and smartly navigate one’s way through complex situations is envied and appreciated at the same time. Autonomous vehicle technology, made possible through Machine Learning (ML) algorithms and techniques, has made that possible with elevated overall in-vehicle experience of a user to levels hitherto unheard of. The new driverless vehicles are equipped with speedometers, GPS and Torque sensors that act as powerful aids to identify driving style patterns, and in the process, have made driving a whole lot easier.

Helping Make Informed Decisions with Machine Learning

Dataquest India- Online, Feb 23, 2016.

Progression of technology has actually reached to a limit where even the most complicated tasks have become achievable. Deep structured learning combined with a better understanding of the human mind and data mining have enabled machines to effectively emulate humans in many tasks that were once thought to be reliant entirely on manual input. Striking examples of this include advances in speech recognition, computer vision and more.

Disaster Recovery Lessons Learnt from Chennai Floods

Express Computer, Feb 19, 2016.

In the aftermath of the floods, apart from direct financial losses amounting to several thousand crores, several businesses are now likely to never reopen due to loss of critical data and being out of business for an extended period of time. This scenario is about to change in a big way because of the public cloud.

Microsoft India wins Express IT Award

Financial Express, Dec 10, 2016.

Microsoft India was awarded the Express IT Award in the Analytics solutions category, by the Union minister for Commerce and Industry, Nirmala Sitharaman. The award recognizes Microsoft India’s work with the LV Prasad Eye Institute.

IIT Guwahati Hosts ‘’

Assam Tribune, Nov 6, 2016.

The third flagship of the program was hosted at IIT Guwahati, witnessing participation from large number of students. The objective of the event is to create an atmosphere for excellence and encourage young talent to take up studies and researches in the fields of basic and applied sciences.

Microsoft and LVPEI Join Forces to Find Solutions for Eyecare

Business Line, The Hindu, Oct 31, 2016

Microsoft, in its effort to empower every person and organization, is using the tools to predict success rates of surgeries to correct vision. To begin with, Microsoft is working with LV Prasad Eye Institute to build scalable models than can address ocular problems and find definitive solutions.

On India’s Digital Transformation

Yourstory, Oct 17, 2016

Over time, technology has had a profound impact on our lives – not only to make it easier, but also in terms of how we approach our problems and resolve them. We believe we have the platform, technologies and solutions to transform India into an empowered society and positively impacting a billion lives.

Living the AI Life

The Week, Oct 9, 2016

AI adoption in India is in the early stages and is already making waves! Marvin, an artificial-intelligence-driven chat platform connects you instantly to a hospital’s website, finds a doctor and fixes an appointment for you. According to the founder of, Subrat Parida, Marvin caters to varied sectors including banking, insurance, healthcare, education, e-commerce and real estate.

Partnering with Government to Focus on Education, Healthcare and Agriculture

Firstpost, Sept 23, 2016

At the recently concluded Microsoft media event, cloud tech and other emerging technologies were at the center-stage owing to their potential to improve agriculture, healthcare, education and more. Microsoft has already partnered with the Andhra Pradesh Government in the education and agriculture sector and plans to continue to diversify.

Digital Solutions to Increase Farm Productivity

The Economic Times, Sept 19, 2016

A partnership with ICRISAT to yield a Sowing Application and Personalized Village Advisory Dashboard that provide powerful cloud-based predictive analytics. This will empower farmers with crucial information and insights to help reduce crop failures and increase yield.

India at the Cusp of Digital Transformation

The Hindu, Sept 17, 2016

Discussions at the Digit Summit 2016 organized at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, introduced the possibilities of smart factories where parts manufactured for four different industries can be possible. A world of frictionless transfers dependent on the cloud is not too far from reality. The fourth phase of digital automation is indeed set to transform all industries.

Machine Learning Benefits for Governments

The Economist, Aug 20, 2016.

Predictive analytics is one of the emergent technologies that we must make ourselves wary of. It can effectively identify customer preference patterns as well as provide best medical services to a patient, thereby improving user experience. With Machine Learning, governments can train the system to identify common patterns and predict insightful policy solutions based on those patterns.

Machine Learning to Give Emotions to Cars

Express computer, July 28, 2016

The ability to read human emotions and navigate through complex situations is both envied and appreciated. Now, with Machine Learning, autonomous vehicle technology can elevate in-vehicle experience in driverless cars to become more receptive. It uses speedometers, GPS and Torque sensors to identify driving style patterns and thus, make driving easier.

Microsoft’s Agricultural Enterprise by Telling Farmers When to Sow

The Wall Street Journal, June 17, 2016.

Erratic monsoons have always been a case for worry for Indian farmers, with no hope for respite. Until now. A new mobile application developed in association with Microsoft India, a local agricultural research institute and the Government, intimates farmers on the health of the soil, when to sow and other indicators.

Digital Solutions to Farm Issues Discussed at 'Hackathon'

Business Standard, The Hindu, May 13, 2016

A unique 'hackathon' to explore digital solutions in agricultural issues in the country was organized here with the support from software giant Microsoft and other organizations.

Aadhaar in Andhra: Chandrababu Naidu, Microsoft Have a Plan for Curbing School Dropouts

The Wire, May 10, 2016

The Chandrababu Naidu-led administration plans to triangulate and collect information from a number of databases including the Aadhaar system, funnel that data into Microsoft’s machine learning platform, use the company’s software to flag at-risk children…

Disaster Recovery Lessons Learnt from Chennai Floods

Express Computer, Feb 19, 2016

In the aftermath of the floods, apart from direct financial losses amounting to several thousand crores, several businesses are now likely to never reopen due to loss of critical data and being out of business for an extended period of time.

Microsoft Hosts Data Science Student Challenge in India

The New Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Technuter, International Business Times, Indiatechonline, Jan 30, 2016

Microsoft in collaboration with Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore concluded the first ever Data Science Student Challenge (DSSC), a 24-hour global hackathon series.

It’s Raining GHMC Apps!

The Hindu, Jan 27, 2016

Ahead of the GHMC elections, the civic body has the choicest of mobile apps dedicated to it, which range from grievances to election information. Presently, there are more than five mobile apps that have been developed with an aim to help people closely engage with the GHMC officials.

Microsoft India to Focus on Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Deccan Herald, Jan 22, 2016

Betting big on advanced analytics and machine learning on its Azure cloud, Microsoft is planning to ramp up its market reach through its existing clients across verticals and government initiatives in India.

Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning on Cloud

Silicon India, Dec 08, 2015

Big data analytics, coupled with machine-learning algorithms, hold immense potential in terms of driving fundamental changes to critical areas like education and health. What governments need today to make a deeper social impact is an intelligent cloud that enables efficient processing of vast volumes of data with rich visualization & analytics capabilities.

CEO of their Own Apps

The New Indian Express, Dec 03, 2015

Every third Friday, 32 girl students from five engineering colleges across Telangana (including Hyderabad) and Andhra Pradesh, hack away furiously between 2 to 5 pm on their laptops and mobile phones at Hyderabad’s best known corporate address - Microsoft India Hyderabad campus.

India Draws Tech Dreamers Back Home

The Indian Express, Nov 28, 2015

For years, a diaspora of budding Indian engineers and entrepreneurs left their home country to pursue opportunities in Seattle and Silicon Valley. Now, many are returning to cash in on the tech gold rush in India.

Make Use of Cloud, Data to Realize Potential: Nadella

The Indian Express, Nov 06, 2015

A month after his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in California, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who was in Mumbai, said Microsoft wants to play a small part in helping India achieve its true potential.

Udayan Care Launches the Hyderabad Chapter of Udayan Shalini Fellowship

Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi, Namaste Telangana, The New Indian Express, Oct 11, 2015

In order to support women and underprivileged girls, Microsoft associated itself with Udyan Care, an NGO working towards the cause, for the launch of Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme (USF).

Microsoft Giving campaign–Impacting Lives for a Lifetime

Andhra Jyothi, The Hans India, Hyderabad, Oct 07, 2015

Seeking not just to upgrade software, Microsoft India has kicked-off its Giving Campaign 2015 under the theme “Let’s Upgrade Our World”. The campaign which commenced on October 1 will go on till November 6.

Realizing Dreams the Microsoft Way

The Hindu, Sept 28, 2015

Microsoft Academia Accelerator engages both students and faculty and creates a robust environment for them to work with world’s top technology company

Awe Struck Musings of a Non Techie in the IT Biz

First Post, Sept 21, 2015

“Seventeen years back when I started to work for the Microsoft India Development Center (MSIDC) in Hyderabad, India was slowly awakening to the marvels of technology…” says Chitra Sood, Director, Business Management, Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt Ltd.

Using Big Data to Provide Netizens with Summaries of Natural Disasters

India Today, Aug 20, 2015

As soon as natural disasters happen, users are eager to know more about them. Often they look out for related facts. For example, what is the severity of the storm? Or the magnitude of an earthquake?

Microsoft to Work with AP on White Spaces Project & Machine-Learning Technology

The Hindu, Economic Times, Business Standard, Hindu Business Line, The New Indian Express, The Times of India, The Hans India, Aug 14, 2015

Global technology giant Microsoft will be working with the Andhra Pradesh government on a pilot project called the 'White Spaces' in Srikakulam. This is a technology that uses unused television spectrum to deliver low cost Internet connectivity.

Tech for Good–Hackathon

Andhra Jyothi, Eenadu, Metro India, The Hans India, Aug 01, 2015

‘Tech for Good 2015’, the women-only hackathon, saw its first round being held on Saturday. 150 developers attended the event, including industry professionals and women students from technology and computing backgrounds. Vikram Manocha, HR director, Microsoft India R&D Pvt Ltd, said ‘Microsoft is committed to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in the field of engineering.’

Microsoft's Traffic Volunteering Programme a Success in Hyderabad

India Today, June 22, 2015

What started in 2011 as a unique initiative by Microsoft employees to create awareness about road safety and traffic laws has grown into a rapidly expanding platform for traffic volunteering, with many following the trend especially in the Cyberabad region.

Startup Owners Give Lessons to Staff to Start Biz

The Economic Times, Apr 22, 2015

When two em¬ployees of a cloud telephony startup came up with an idea for a ready-to-cook food deliv¬ery firm, they confided in their boss. They got his bless¬ings and more. In a sign that India's startup industry is maturing fast, founders are embracing the likelihood that their employ¬ees could be potential en¬trepreneurs, even incubating them although they may not claim stakes in the ventures.

Cricket Hungama

Eenadu, Sakshi, Andhra Jyothi and The Hans India, Apr 20, 2015

Microsoft has been organizing its annual Cricket Hungama Knockout tournament for the last 10 years in India. On the 10th anniversary of Cricket Hungama, Team Hit & Run defeated Team ECIT by 7 wickets to lay their hands on the coveted trophy.

How Microsoft MD Anil Bhansali Lost His Office

The Economic Times, Apr 16, 2015

How many employees can boast of having the MD's room to themselves for a day? Phani Chiruvolu, principal software engineer at Hyderabad-based Microsoft India Development centers (MSIDC), got the opportunity to do just that.

WeCare Child Care Center Launch – Exclusive for Microsoft Employees

The Times of India, The Hindu, The New Indian Express, Metro India, Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi March 27, 2015

WeCare Learning Pvt Ltd launched its first ‘Near-site’ child care centers, exclusively for Microsoft. This became the ninth such facility, with the other eight facilities being based in Bengaluru. The focus of WeCare’s facility was to provide early learning to expose children to the ways of learning rather than ‘what to learn’.

‘Youthify’ Your Organization

The Economic Times, March 24, 2015

Microsoft India's people-driven service garners maximum eyeballs and helps employees to run errands and address daily needs. This service is designed to help employees attend to basic but important chores like paying bills, collecting forms, booking movie tickets, and others.


BigFM and The New Indian Express, The Hans India, Sakshi and Andhra Jyothi, March 12, 2015

DigiGirlz, a Microsoft youth spark program started in the year 2000 to provide an opportunity for high school girls to get an early exposure into tech careers, was hosted in Hyderabad today. This event is one in a series of DigiGirlz events hosted worldwide and the fourth DigiGirlz to be organized in India.

The Dawn of the Intelligence Revolution

The Hindu, March 1, 2015

About 160 students of IIIT and Indian School of Business take part in the24-hour hackathon organised by Microsoft India and IIIT. The event provided students with hands-on experience on Azure tools available to build solutions for Big Data Initiatives.

Microsoft Sees Huge Demand for Cloud Services

Hindu Business Line, Feb 9, 2015

Microsoft is adding nearly 2,000 customers in India every month for its ‘commercial cloud’ even as there is a ‘gold rush’ for adoption of cloud-based information technology services by clients, its Corporate Vice-President (Developer Division) S Somasegar said.