Servicing Farmers on Cloud

Virtual AGRI Services or VAS is a comprehensive Cloud Farming ERP solution built with lifecycle based approach to support farmers, right from crop planning to harvesting stage, and also in marketing their produce.

Precision agriculture has become the byword in the agricultural sector with around 40 startups working in the field. One such startup is PALS Global Solutions. A technology services and solutions company, it began operating around three years back with a small team of just four dedicated professionals. The team has today grown to more than 50 and their Virtual AGRI Services (VAS), a comprehensive Cloud Farming ERP solution, is revolutionizing the farming sector. VAS adopts a lifecycle based approach to support farmers. It helps farmers right from crop planning to harvesting stage, and also in marketing their produce.

Phanidhar Palakoti, CEO, PALS Global Solutions, says. “Virtual AGRI Services has been developed after extensively analyzing the problem areas in the sector. The aim is to build a comprehensive platform which could transform agriculture into smart and profitable agriculture,” he explains.

How VAS Addresses Gaps in Agriculture
“Virtual AGRI Services demonstrate differentiated benefits to farmers in improving their livelihood through increasing return on investment,” explains Palakoti. VAS provides a host of value driven capabilities that help reduce production cost, increase production quality and yield, in-time insights into analyzed information, etc. The cumulative services thus help farmers increase their income. VAS is a single window service for farm planning, input procurement, production and marketing of agriculture produce. It brings the ecosystem together, which includes farmers and all stakeholders who contribute to farming. These are input agencies, producer organizations and communities, experts and potential buyers, FPOs, SHGs, financial institutions, insurance agencies and field surveyors. The services are personalized and localized, and secure. VAS enables farmers to access timely inputs and interventions anytime and anywhere through smartphones, and village kiosks.

Technology Behind VAS
PALS Global Solutions has built VAS completely on Azure platform in partnership with Microsoft through BizSpark program. The company adopted Azure as the cloud platform for its ability to help them scale, yet remain flexible.

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